Lymphoma Cancer has come to me as a big shock.
I was diagnosed on September 8th, 2021.
It was a hot day, and I was told to come to the hospital to break the bad news.
My life changed right there.

I was a Cancer Patient; I am now in remission.

Lymphoma Cancer is the 5th most popular Cancer in the world.

1-2 people will get Cancer

Lymphoma is curable if caught early, 80.470 are diagnose a year

Here are the symptoms of being diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer

Fatigue, Fever/Chills, Night Sweats, Shortness Of Breath, Loss Of Appetite, Weight Of Loss,
Persistent Back Or Bone Pain, Headaches.

My Hair Journey Video

Lymphoma Check List Video

Interviewed by Nikki and Miranda on Radio 101.5 fm

Talking about my Journey having Lymphoma Cancer stage 3.